The FERS Toolkit Benefit Workshop for Singles: 2-Day Evening Class

Explore the FERS Toolkit A-Z Benefits Guide with simple lessons that break down even the most complex retirement topics into bite-sized pieces.  This training is suitable for all career stages and is focused on FERS benefits and retirement for single (non-married) retirees.


What people are saying

"Good examples and resources. Ability to ask questions and receive timely responses. Access to all questions from other participants."

Mary M.
Virtual training student

"Tremendous resource to understand retirement benefits."

Patrick K.
Virtual training student

"Unlike many one-day seminars, this course goes beyond highlighting FERS.  It delves into how each component of FERS works and clarifies in a uniquely illustrative way how everything fits together as an organized package."

Marsha D.
Virtual training student

What you'll learn

  • Meet the 7 FERS benefits and learn how each works for you in retirement as a single (non-married) person 
  • Make sure you'll get full credit for your service (and help avoid nasty surprises that could be lurking in your service history due to human error)
  • The pros and cons of taking Social Security early vs. later and how it can impact your retirement income and savings
  • The three critical areas of TSP to pay attention to that can help you reach your retirement goals
  • Get crystal clear on the insurance benefits you currently have, which options you'll take with you into retirement, and how to estimate the cost
  • Get focused on the right benefits for you and the next steps you’ll need to take to finish strong
  • Simple explanations and a patient teaching style break down even the most complicated retirement topics into easily understood lessons
  • Live Q & A discussion gives everyone the chance to get your questions answered in a friendly, supportive environment

Workshop description

The FERS benefits are great—they're a well-stocked toolkit for retirement.  The problem is that OPM terminology can be intimidating; a seemingly inscrutable jumble of acronyms and jargon. 

This livestream workshop will demystify the FERS benefits and teach you the calculations, requirements and options available for YOU in retirement with simple, visual lessons and a lively lecture.  The instructor will answer all questions live on the Virtual Blackboard, which is great news if you've been stuck trying to track down answers yourself.

You'll learn the fundamentals of FERS from the ground up and apply your understanding in case studies and practical exercises throughout the workshop—and walk away with a greater confidence and solid resources to refer back to time and time again.

This workshop is focused on FERS benefits and retirement for single (non-married) retirees—without any discussion of spousal benefits.


Workshop outline


MONDAY, July 27 from 7 PM to 10 PM Eastern

Module 1:  [Overview] The FERS Benefits for Single Retirees

Module 2:  [FERS Pension] How much can you count on each month?

Module 3:  [Social Security] Solving the tug-o-war:  take it early or wait to get more?

Module 4:  [Thrift Savings Plan 2020] Saving and investing in a chaotic economy


TUESDAY, July 28 from 7 PM to 10 PM Eastern

Module 4:  [Thrift Savings Plan 2020] Saving and investing in a chaotic economy [continued]

Module 5:  [Health Insurance] Tackling the requirements of each benefit and paying for it

Module 6:  [Life Insurance] Cut through the complexity of FEGLI options with a case study

Module 7:  [Long Term Care] A compassionate but realistic approach to FLTCIP

Module 8:  [Wrap Up] Follow-up actions to build your financial security

Live Q & A follows each module.

The replay of livestream will be available in the online portal for three months.




Evening 1

July 27th (Monday)

Evening 2

July 28th (Tuesday)

What people are saying

"Very easy to understand. Training provides clear interpretation of the complicated retirement rules."

David I.
Virtual training student

"The training helps clarify how the benefits options work and alerts one to possible pitfalls. The discussion on retiree FEGLI options was very helpful, and the discussion of LTC was compassionate. All were good."

Jim C.
Virtual training student

"You can do and redo it at your own speed. The tools and links are invaluable. The instructor was super and very approachable!!!"

Bailey S.
Virtual training student




Kelly L. Monroe

Founder, FERS Blueprint Retirement Planning System; Retirement Benefits Trainer for 10+ years; author for Fedsmith; conducted over 2300 retirement consultations as a financial advisor

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No hidden sales agenda for annuities or financial products or other services. We will NOT offer, nor sell nor suggest any financial products.  None.  


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Simple, concrete lessons and resources to help you gain a clear understanding of each FERS benefit and how to plan retirement.  No 'death-by-bullet-point' PowerPoint presentations.

Answers to Your Questions

We know how frustrating it is to have a burning retirement question and need an answer.  You'll get real answers from real people with Federal benefits knowledge and experience.

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