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Gratitude Is Rooted In Service

When I Feel Most Grateful

It dawned on me this morning that I feel most grateful when I am serving others. I’m not even sure what I was pondering when this realization became quite clear in my mind.

Reflection From This Year

As I reflect on the adventures, experiences, new found knowledge, new friends, tried-and-true friends and family over the course of this year, it is the times that our family serves others that brings about the deepest sense of gratitude in me.

A Smile That Reaches Your Eyes

You know that smile—the one that reaches the eyes—that spreads enthusiasm and gratitude?

It can be a simple gesture such as holding a door open just a little longer for the person who’s 12 steps behind you—their face lights up as they realize that you care….and that you noticed them.

Or the gentlemen in the grocery store who was having trouble getting around with his walker in the vegetable isle. “Sir, may I help you?” my youngest daughter offered.

My son who found a cell phone in the parking lot at a home improvement store and decided try to look for the owner—instead of just turning it in to the store. He searched for a person who looked worried…and returned the phone promptly to the happy owner.

Serving can be working that extra hour to help someone understand their retirement benefit so that they have peace of mind—and all the steps it takes to make that happen. That’s where those who serve “backstage” come in. They make sure that the “i’s” are dotted, and the “t’s” are crossed.

My team, who is also my family, doesn’t often get to see the smiles, the sense of relief that goes with “finally, I get it” and the hugs of appreciation that I receive.

The funny thing is that they still have a deep sense of service and fulfillment.

I’m pretty sure I’m on to something—Gratitude Is Rooted In Service.


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