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What you'll learn

  • Exactly how TSP fits into your FERS retirement benefits seamlessly—and why using the '3-legged stool' analogy could be a big mistake
  • The TSP Retirement PivotTM: going from the savings phase to investing for the 20+ year withdrawal phase
  • How to evaluate your TSP funds to help make sure they’re aligned with the withdrawal schedule your retirement is counting on—including the newest L Funds
  • Analyze how the FERS and Social Security COLA may fall short, and the burden put on TSP as a result
  • Understand how the TSP Modernization Act, SECURE Act and CARES Act each impact your financial decisions
  • All about the mandatory withdrawals you'll have to take from TSP—Required Minimum Distributions—including when they start and how the calculation works each year
  • How to factor in the cost of income taxes on your withdrawals 
  • Compare your options and clarify the advantages and disadvantages of staying at TSP vs. IRA rollover
  • Identify potential tax advantages of TSP
  • Develop a plan of action for your retirement savings before you turn in your official retirement paperwork
  • Plus, there’s lots of live Q & A on the Virtual Whiteboard so you can get your questions answered.

The replay of livestream will be available in the online portal for three months.

REGISTER | Oct 28 Class | 4 pm Pacific
REGISTER | Dec 17 Class | 4 pm Pacific

Workshop description

Throughout your career, saving and investing in your TSP has been the focus.  Now that you're approaching retirement, you'll need to shift your focus from saving to withdrawals.  We call it The TSP Retirement PivotTM.

This livestream workshop takes the complexity out of these retirement decisions.  Common-sense explanations and sample calculations show you how to adjust your focus for a satisfying investment and withdrawal plan, including income taxes.  Discover how the recent TSP Modernization ACT, SECURE Act and CARES act impact your retirement nest egg in 2020 and beyond.

You'll learn how to evaluate your options and select the one(s) that can help you achieve security, flexibility and independence in retirement in a supportive educational environment with NO annuity or financial selling.  You'll be poised to "cross the finish line" with a greater confidence and solid resources to refer back to time and time again.

The replay of livestream will be available in the online portal for three months.

Workshop outline

Module 1:  [The FERS 7] How TSP fits into your retirement plan

Module 2:  [TSP Investments] The TSP Retirement Pivot

Module 3:  [TSP Withdrawals] + The TSP Modernization Act 

Module 4:  [RMD Calculations] + The SECURE Act + The CARES Act

Module 5:  [TSP + Income Taxes] Avoiding hidden costs

Module 6:  [The Trade-Offs] TSP vs. IRA: What's the catch?

Module 7:  [Wrap Up] TSP's forms: A walk through

Module 8:  [Get Answers] Live Q & A: Ask almost anything

The replay of livestream will be available in the online portal for three months.

REGISTER | Oct 28 Class | 4 pm Pacific
REGISTER | Dec 17 Class | 4 pm Pacific


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What people are saying

"Tremendous resource to understand retirement benefits."

Patrick K.
Virtual training student

"Very easy to understand. Training provides clear interpretation of the complicated retirement rules."

David I.
Virtual training student

"Good examples and resources. Ability to ask questions and receive timely responses. Access to all questions from other participants."

Mary M.
Virtual training student

"The training helps clarify how the benefits options work and alerts one to possible pitfalls. The discussion on retiree FEGLI options was very helpful, and the discussion of LTC was compassionate. All were good."

Jim C.
Virtual training student

"You can do and redo it at your own speed. The tools and links are invaluable. The instructor was super and very approachable!!!"

Bailey S.
Virtual training student

"Unlike many one-day seminars, this course goes beyond highlighting FERS.  It delves into how each component of FERS works and clarifies in a uniquely illustrative way how everything fits together as an organized package."

Marsha D.
Virtual training student



REGISTER | Oct 28 Class | 4 pm Pacific
REGISTER | Dec 17 Class | 4 pm Pacific


Kelly L. Monroe

Founder, FERS Blueprint Retirement Planning System; Retirement Benefits Trainer for 10+ years; author for Fedsmith; as a financial advisor conducted over 2300 retirement consultations


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